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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Nov 23, 2021

When we discover our own perspectives and our children's, we can begin to implement tools to help speak to the heart of our kids.  Living wholeheartedly means we have to work on our own healing so we can help our children. As Sarah says in the interview, the amount of healing we do is equal to the amount of growth our children are able to seek. Helping kids through the parents is Sarah's heart.  

Sarah Waxman, a Certified Enneagram Coach, Author of upcoming book- The Student Enneagram.  She is a speaker, mentor, and encourager to parents & teachers to apply the Enneagram at home & at school. Sarah joins me today to share how we can utilize the Enneagram in our lives whether we are in the midst of parenting and/or a teacher with a classroom of unique children with individual personalities.  


Interested in figuring out your type? I loved my session with Sarah and finally figured out my Enneagram number!! Head to her website to schedule your typing session and download Sarah's free PDF head here

Find out more about Sarah on social media @TheSarahWaxman

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