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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Jan 1, 2022

Some BIG announcements for Wholistic Hearts Podcast and Community! 

Discover on today's show Wholistic Hearts Podcast and Ministry Intentions for this year.


More Encounters

More Pauses

More Tangible Tools help you encounter the Trinity through mind, body, and spirit


Wholistic Hearts Community will be starting a membership!

For the price of a few coffees a month $29 you can join me for more in depth teachings, coaching, community, and book club.

A HUGE value provided for you.  Sign up here


This is for you if you are longing for:

-wholehearted, consistent community

-wanting and needing accountability in your transformational faith journey

--This is a safe space for you to enjoy the process of connecting with yourself, others, and to the Trinity. 

- we live in a world of overwhelming knowledge at our fingertips yet we so rarely implement what we hear

- wanting to dig in more to your relationship with the Lord 

 -wanting to experience what it’s like to invest in coaching at a minimum price

-full of content like how to set up your journal and in the future offerings of courses 

- LIVE coaching sessions on identity discovery, baseline discoveries, boundaries, mindset and beliefs, affirmations and declarations etc

-LIVE encounters with the Lord 

-Exclusive BOOK CLUB! 

-pride in knowing you invested in yourself- YOU ARE WORTH IT!! 

Wholistic Hearts Community will take time, intentionality, but it will be a ripple effect in your life!


INCREDIBLE VALUE!!! HUGE Service for $29!


Wholistic Hearts Community will be an outpouring of where the Lord has given and shined His glory on my healing journey.  I hope you will join me to go deeper this year in 2022 for a small fee of $29/month. 


We are launching a new podcast!! WHOLISTIC PODCASTING- a podcast for podcasters from beginners to novices to find alignment and wholistic business tools to help create a successful podcast! 

BE on the lookout soon!