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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Feb 10, 2022

Take three minutes to stop and connect your heart to Jesus. Jesus' heart reflects compassion eternally.  

Stop and listen to hear what and who the Holy Spirit places on your heart and reach out to encourage them today. 

Music by Stefano Vita


Wholistic Hearts has launched our community membership! Are you constantly searching for ways to strengthen and deepen your relationship with the Lord? But, it feels overwhelming…the constant intake of information, the lack of accountability, or maybe you just feel lost in your journey. Sound familiar? If so, our membership is just what you need. 


You will get…


👉🏼 In-depth teachings

👉🏼 Community
👉🏼 Coaching 

👉🏼 Book Club 

👉🏼 Dedication to YOUR journey


This community will be a safe space for you to dive deeper into your relationship with the Lord. A place where you will get the ability to invest in yourself, and your spiritual journey. Are you ready to join us?


Join the Wholistic Hearts Community today!