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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

May 12, 2022

Welcome to Wholistic Hearts, I am your host and transformational life coach- Kristin Chadwick. 

I am releasing this Encounter during the month of May- a month full of end of the year parties, activities, sporting events. As a mom of young kids, my schedule can fill up quickly these last few weeks of school. The month of May is full of anticipation for school ending, for summer coming and full of transition which can lead to a bit of chaos or unsettled emotions for both my kids and for myself.   For me, the thing I need most is stillness and quietness.  


Today we will be doing an encounter where we will engage with Holy Spirit through the power of silence.  


We are reading through the book, Peace is a Practice by Morgan Nichols Harper, inside of our Wholistic Hearts Community this month. One of the things she talks about is silence.  


“...Through silence, we learn to choose our words wisely.  Through silence, we learn that words, while a useful part of communication, are one of many forms. Silence also teaches us to listen, observe, pay closer attention.  Silence teaches us to inhale in a mindful way.  It also teaches us to exhale and let things go without always having to say something.  Be attentive to the timing of when you should speak and when you should be silent.”  


Come and share your experience with practicing silence.

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