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Wholistic Hearts- A Transformational Christian Life Coaching Journey

May 1, 2021

Today on Wholistic Hearts, I have my dear friend and coach-Lauren Apple join me today to talk about connecting to our calling in the midst of motherhood.

Lauren is helping other moms live their God size dreams whether that is through her coaching, her leadership in the social media world, or through her podcast- Ministry and Motherhood.

She encourages those deep dreams birthed inside you that are just waiting to come out and bloom.  She desires for you to have a  Kingdom-impact in your home & outside of it. She loves to help you see your big vision and take big action on your dreams.  She has personally helped me to gain clarity in my own business  impact and to stay focused on my own kingdom values whether that is in my business or in my home. 

To find out more about Lauren and all she is doing, check her out over on her podcast- Ministry + Motherhood and on her FB group .