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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Oct 14, 2021

Join us with another edition of Moms in the Middle on Wholistic Hearts podcast! Our lovely and joy filled beauty, Katie Lynn, led us in a beautiful conversation about simple solutions and practical ways to find more joy in motherhood.  


Our Featured Moms in the Middle Women:


Michelle is an Alcohol-Free Coach and Host of the Set Free Sisterhood podcast. She helps women ditch the wine witch, stop overdrinking, and get control back! She helps them to remove the alcohol, renew their mindset, and rebuild a life of fulfillment!


She is a Southern girl, born and raised in SC! She has two amazing daughters and a ‘bonus’ son through adoption. She’s been married to her husband for 19 years. She has overcome self-doubt, self-sabotage, broken promises, daily drinking, and feeling stuck in reaction mode for almost a decade. 


Her mission is to help women learn that they have control of their thoughts and actions. She helps them see their value and strength and believe that they can commit to the hard stuff and overcome it. She desires to elevate their awareness around the things they go to when they are stressed, frustrated, angry, uncomfortable, embarrassed, and sometimes even happy. These things keep us small and in captivity. They blur our minds and hearts so that we stay the same. Then they can learn to master their mindset, control their choices, set needed boundaries, and create meaningful relationships with others. They become truly SET FREE.

Podcast link: Set Free Sisterhood podcast

Facebook group: Set Free Sisterhood group

Instagram: @coachmichelleporterfield

Katie Lynn

Katie Lynn is a Kingdom daughter and an Intentional Living coach who spends her days chasing her dreams and helping other women to do the same (all while drinking iced coffee). She's passionate about helping Jesus-lovin’ moms walk in their purpose, and design and live a life they love. Katie is a wife and mom of 3 and host of the Stepping Into a Joy Filled Life podcast. Her life motto is “Grow in Wisdom, Walk in Freedom, Live a Joy Filled Life!” 


Podcast link: Stepping into a Joy Filled Life podcast

Facebook group: Growth Minded Moms

Web: or 

And me, your Wholistic Hearts Host, Kristin

Kristin Fields Chadwick, CEO and founder of Kristin Fields Chadwick, LLC., a Podcast Production boutique style business. She is a Spirit Empowered Christian Life Coach, Podcast Host of Wholistic Hearts, and Podcast Manager.  Each day she is on a mission to be an influential, empowering woman who brings real change and freedom to the deepest places in peoples’ lives through Jesus himself- a gentle, kind, playful Savior.  She has a heart to bring the feminine heart back to the Father heart of God by not just teaching about God, but revealing God through mind, body, and spirit exploration.  Calling out the gold in people so they see their true God-given identity is one of her deepest joys.  

Podcast link: Wholistic Hearts podcast

Facebook group: Mind Body Spirit Holistic Faith for Christian Moms


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