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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Nov 27, 2021

Today's episode we continue to learn the different personality frameworks.  We have talked a lot about Enneagram, so I thought we could bring another expert on our show who helps us use another personality tool to navigate and understand some of our basic designs. 

Today, Wendy Gossett- Family and Child Temperament Coach, joins me to share her immense knowledge and understanding of Carl Jung's- 8 psychological brain functions. 

Do you look at your children and wonder what makes them tick? Or maybe you parent one child in a specific way but it doesn't work for another child.  I know for me discovering each of my children's personality type was so helpful in the process of understanding their hearts.  

To take Wendy's free personality test online, click here

Wendy Gossett's "Your Child's Inner Drive" book