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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Jun 16, 2022

Welcome back to our Summer Series as we journey through the wonderful relationship between our Bridegroom and our hearts through the book of Song of Songs.

Be sure to go back and listen through to each of the encounters in this series. There are plenty of treasures to be had in each of the chapters of Song of Songs. And each encounter you can always do more than once. Each time a new level of intimacy buildilng.  This encounter allows us to experience Jesus, not only in our mind but through the Spirit connecting our mind and our hearts with Him.  


If you are loving this Summer Series and would like more- come join us inside the membership, there is a link below- you’ll get more encounters in each Song of Songs chapter, as well as, other extremely valuable experiences like LIVE group coaching and a book club to participate if you so choose.


As always, before you get started grab your journal, a pen, and get comfortable.  

Song of Songs 2:3

My beloved is to me the most fragrant apple tree- he stands above the sons of men. Sitting under his grace-shadow, I blossom in his shade, enjoying the sweet taste of his pleasant, delicious fruit, resting with delight where his glory never fades.  


Jesus, I pray for this encounter today to hit at the heart of each listener. Open their imagination to your Holy Spirit’s touch.  Help us each to breathe you in and to receive your love in this beautiful moment.