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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Oct 5, 2023

During our walk with the Lord, there are often times where we yearn for a deeper connection and we find ourselves navigating in deep spiritual waters. In today’s episode Kristin invites mentor Leah Moore for a conversation on fasting, prayers, and how they become the compass that guides us through these deeper waters.


Leah welcomes listeners into the concept behind fasting, why we do it, and the power it can offer us during our Christian journey. Fasting equips us with spiritual discipline and self-control allowing us to stay anchored in our faith. Leah takes us into the incredible power that prayer and fasting offer us when they’re combined. The door to a deeper relationship with the Lord opens when we engage in both fasting and prayers. Fasting humbles us, making us more receptive to God's guidance, while prayers connect us to his heart. 


There are moments when we find ourselves delving into the deep waters of our soul, seeking a closer connection with the Lord. Fasting and prayers, like inseparable twins, serve as powerful tools to help us navigate these spiritual depths.


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