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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Apr 29, 2021

Today on Wholistic Hearts we enjoy another Encounter Holy Spirit has led me to create to help you taste and see the Lord is good.  

Through this encounter, God invites you to sit with Him and experience Him as a the Great Counselor.  

I invite you to journal out your experience or voice memo your time with God. The...

Apr 22, 2021

On today's episode I sit side by side with my husband in the recording studio. Joshua and I walk through what our own growth has been like in the past year individually and as a couple.

Our hope is that after listening to the show you can walk away with these two questions to ask your spouse:

-How are you pursuing your...

Apr 18, 2021

As a mother of a high needs kid, I wanted to share this bonus episode with you with my special guest, Janel Springer.

On Wholistic Hearts Podcast, we have been talking a lot about wholehearted healing.  This current season is about pursuing connection with God and pursuing connection with others around us.


Apr 15, 2021

Joining me on Wholistic Hearts Podcast today is my beautiful friend and mentor, Kim Bates- a pastor and overseer of over 80 people at the infamous retreat I constantly talk about- REVEL.  She tenderly holds the hearts of others while leading by example of what it looks like to go after Holy Spirit.  

Today we talk about...

Apr 8, 2021

On this week's episode of Wholistic Heart's podcast, I reunite on the mic with my former boss and co-host from Rebel Parenting, Laura Dobson.  As I thought about friendship and our topic of pursuing connection, I knew Laura had to be on the show with me.  

Join us as we reminisce about what drew us to want to...