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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Oct 9, 2020

Today on Wholistic Hearts, Kristin explores what she would say to herself as a brand new mama fourteen years ago.

Being a new mama can feel so overwhelming and not to mention exhausting. So what if you had a friend sit down and share the things they have learned over the years about motherhood.  

Kristin's list includes:

- Stop researching all the things and trust your mama gut. 

- Be intentional with pouring into yourself during nap time. 

- Embracing the moments. 

- Develop a relationship with your body which is built on truth. 

For Kristin, she would have a lot to share to her young self but all through the filter of kindness and grace. Motherhood and growing up in Jesus is a beautiful and unique opportunity which can be a powerful experience.   Mentoring and coaching young moms into an empowering place, living fully in their identity, and letting God illuminate their lives is at the core of Kristin's ministry.  

I am curious, what would you tell yourself if you could go back 15 years? 

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