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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Nov 17, 2020

Alright my Wholistic Hearts listeners, I promised I would record a show on how to be on the Offense instead of the Defense with Covid and any other sickness during this holiday season. 

*Disclaimer, I am NOT a medical doctor. Please talk to your doctor for medical advise. 


This is my perspective after 15+ years of walking through my own wellness journey- full of opportunities for growth through listening and honoring my body in the twists and turns of continual healing autoimmune disorders and all around learning about holistic lifestyles. 

Our health journey is a thick one. If you didn’t know, I have struggled with autoimmune issues for a solid 12 years.  After my second son was born, I realized I had a celiac disease.  Then after my last pregnancy of twins, I started developing all sorts of weird things like rashes, gut pain, bloatedness, sensitivities.

My children have all had their own bouts of mystery illnesses, various skin rashes and allergies, and opportunities to research the reality of our food choices directly affecting the overall well being of our children.  

Through my journey, I have seen dozens of doctors, a handful of functional medicine doctors, holistic health coaches and most importantly I have researched many, many, many hours on natural remedies, solutions, cleanses, diets, read medical journals for fun, and acquired a lot of genuine knowledge.

I wanted to share my thoughts on holistic health through this unique holiday season in which we find ourselves in. 

I also want to preface that this is not meant to shame you in anyway. Shame produces guilt. Guilt brings on more cortisol, which Lord knows we don’t need more cortisol.  

So, listen in for 12 ways to promote wellness these upcoming weeks. Who knows? It may become a lifestyle instead of a diet.  


For more information and for full show notes including my favorite go-to's for supplements, head to my website...