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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Jul 8, 2021

Marriage Empowered Coach, Katie Mae, hosts this week’s spicy Round Table topic- sex. Yep, we are going there. Buckle up because we talk about when you are tired of being touched and worn out, things we can start to communicate to help reboot our intimacy, and real life scenarios of seasons of life and intimacy challenges and wins.  


Want to know more about our featured host this week?

Katie Mae 

Katie Mae Webb is the CEO and Founder of Katie Mae Coaching, LLC., and Facebook Community- Marriage Empowered. She was born and raised in Arizona, married her High School Sweetheart, and is a proud momma to two beautiful kiddos and one fur baby. She  has a background in Human and Family Development from ASU. As much as she always wanted to be a wife and have afamily, it didn’t come easy for Katie. A few years ago her marriage nearly fell apart. Through her journey of healing and realigning with God’s purpose for her, she experienced a true transformation in her life and relationship. She has made it her mission to show women how they can have the beautiful, thriving relationships they’ve always wanted to have with their husbands. 


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