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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Feb 23, 2023

You may feel exhausted, you don’t remember the last time you had a quiet time, you feel like you can barely wake up in the morning, you don’t have the bandwidth to do one more thing.  Maybe it’s sleepless nights? Babies? Toddlers all around?

This season can feel mundane…I remember them well.

This question asked by one of you beauties is so precious. I believe Jesus smiles and longs for you to know He is there.  Just because you haven’t opened your bible in a year doesn’t mean He has left you.  He is there.  One thing is for certain:  Filling your cup looks different this season. 

“He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young. Jeremiah 40:11”

Listen in today to hear 7 C's to prioritizing meaningful time with Jesus. 

Inside the podcast mentions:

When God Breaks Through with Bethany Kimsey’s podcast- always offering a beautiful, peaceful space for moms with young children and many other ages. My favorite was her interview with Staci Eldridge.  “God’s Love for Your Mama Heart”

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