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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Oct 7, 2021

Come and listen in on my dear friend, Eugene Luning, and I discuss the launching of his new book for children called Moments with Jesus- An Encounter Bible.

Eugene is someone who has mentored me and guided me personally to encounter Jesus through his own style of leading our church gathering.  I invited him to join me to share what has been bursting within him lately as He has meditated on Jesus himself. 

How can we encounter Jesus in the little moments amidst the stories of the Bible is an incredible invitation to us as parents and to our children. The very way Jesus went about his three years of ministry speaks to how really thoughtful He was.  Perhaps Jesus was actually up to something!

We talk about:

-Jesus calls each of us by name. How were you called by Jesus?

-What was Jesus personality like? And how do we get to encounter His personality TODAY

-Experience Jesus day to day- What are we (Jesus and I) up to today? 

and much more...

Listen to Eugene's beautiful encounters on his podcast: 

Moments with Jesus

Order Moments with Jesus Book- Available October 19th!