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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Jul 13, 2023

 Hey friends, you’re in for a treat in today’s episode. I’m sitting down with my incredible friend Margaux, the host of Breathing Underwater: A Dream Interpretation Podcast. 

Through her journey, she discovered that dreams serve as a means of divine communication, allowing God to speak, guide, and provide valuable insights. God skillfully employs these symbols to capture our attention and convey profound truths. 

Margaux also sheds light on the ways in which God speaks through dreams. She encouraged listeners to ask God what He is bringing up in their dreams, exploring the deeper meanings behind the symbolism presented. She explained metaphors play a significant role in dream interpretation, and it becomes less intimidating when we bring these metaphors to God.

Margaux emphasized the importance of inviting God into the realm of dreams, seeking His wisdom and guidance. She encouraged individuals to ask God to speak to them through their dreams and to turn to scripture when deciphering symbolic representations. She is a vessel for those seeking a deeper understanding of the profound world of dream interpretation.


Listen to Breathing Underwater


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