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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

May 22, 2020

Hold onto your hats because today's show is FULL of wisdom! 

I am beyond giddy over Wholistic Heart's podcast first interview. On the show, I am interviewing one of my favorite people of all time, my holistically minded mentor- Ashley Brooke with Transformational Health. She is a Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach who is a wealth of knowledge and uses her wisdom and intuition to help her clients build a better relationship to themselves and grow into who they were created to be.  

Some of the many topics discussed:

  • Developing a good relationship with your body is key 
  • What's the most important thing to know and do for our fitness and nutrition during this season?
  • PMS symptoms and understand what YOUR body is saying
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Supplements: What is a trustworthy supplement?

To find out more about Ashley Brooke, you can find her on social media @transformationalhealthllc.  

To find out more about what I am doing, writing, learning head to @kristinfieldschadwick on IG/FB. Or go to my website

As always, send along the show to those who may want to hear these wise words. Thanks for listening!