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Wholistic Hearts- A Transformational Christian Life Coaching Journey

May 5, 2021

Through the art of journaling, our hearts can open up.  It’s a form of therapy but a heck of a lot cheaper. There are many benefits of journaling. Journaling is a form of processing- a chance to sift through our thoughts. 


Writing is a tool we can use to uncover the covered places in our heart and bring holistic...

May 4, 2021

Reengage Your Heart Course Day 2: Creativity

Creativity is the beautiful back door to healing if we have experienced trauma or deep emotional pain where our hearts are heavily protected.  

Sign up for the free PDF of the course here. Available through May 2021.  

Join me tomorrow for Day 3 of the course on my FB group:

May 4, 2021

As a gift to my audience, I am sharing my 5 Week Online Course "Reengage Your Heart" over the next 5 days. Each day this week I will talk about tools to recover your heart and reconnect to the Father's heart for you.  

To join me live head to our private FB group "MIND BODY SPIRIT Holistic Faith for Moms"

To download...

May 1, 2021

Today on Wholistic Hearts, I have my dear friend and coach-Lauren Apple join me today to talk about connecting to our calling in the midst of motherhood.

Lauren is helping other moms live their God size dreams whether that is through her coaching, her leadership in the social media world, or through her podcast-

Apr 29, 2021

Today on Wholistic Hearts we enjoy another Encounter Holy Spirit has led me to create to help you taste and see the Lord is good.  

Through this encounter, God invites you to sit with Him and experience Him as a the Great Counselor.  

I invite you to journal out your experience or voice memo your time with God. The...