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Wholistic Hearts- A Transformational Christian Life Coaching Journey

Sep 9, 2021

Take ten minutes and encounter Jesus through this guided imaginative prayer. 

How to do an Encounter?

Grab a journal.

Put on some headphones. (not necessary but a plus!)

Find a comfortable position.

Close your eyes and breathe deeplyy. 

Now, settle into an encounter with Jesus. 

Imagine sitting next to Jesus during an...

Aug 24, 2021

Out of the moments with Jesus, I share how Jesus doesn't settle for our longings to hide in the crowd. He searches for our hearts and wants to lock eyes with us- even in the hardest trials and sicknesses.  

Do you resonate my friend? 

He sees you. He longs to connect with you on THAT thing that has plagued you for...

Aug 5, 2021

A meditation to help you see the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through your heart and experience the Trinity through a tangible way.  


Jul 19, 2021

Join me in a quick devotional in the Song of Songs using the Passion Translation. 

Two simple words have undone me this week, listen to hear these words which invite us to receive His love. 

Want to read along with me in this amazing translation? 

Find the Passion Translation here.  Or

Did you...

May 5, 2021

Through the art of journaling, our hearts can open up.  It’s a form of therapy but a heck of a lot cheaper. There are many benefits of journaling. Journaling is a form of processing- a chance to sift through our thoughts. 


Writing is a tool we can use to uncover the covered places in our heart and bring holistic...