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Wholistic Hearts

Mar 18, 2021

We wrap up our nearly three month complex conversation about pursuing wholehearted and holistic living. I share the five takeaway points which have impacted my life as I reflect on each of our guests wisdom and where the Lord has been teaching me. 

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Mar 8, 2021

I was asked the other day, "What is Spirit Led Coaching?" So, I went live on our new FB group and answered this foundational question to my coaching business.  

If you want to join our new FB group, head here. Or search for "Mind Body Spirit Holistic Faith for Moms" in the search tab on FB.  

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Oct 9, 2020

Today on Wholistic Hearts, Kristin explores what she would say to herself as a brand new mama fourteen years ago.

Being a new mama can feel so overwhelming and not to mention exhausting. So what if you had a friend sit down and share the things they have learned over the years about motherhood.  

Kristin's list...

Sep 24, 2020

If you haven't gotten to listen to Wendy Backlund's interview on the show, please go back and listen

Today Kristin will be bringing in some after thoughts from her interview with Wendy- how the Holy Spirit can encounter us in the day to day including mothering our kids. 

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Sep 20, 2020

Hey Friends,

Are you feeling disconnected or disengaged with your heart? Do you feel like you are just going through the motions? Do you feel like the end of the day you feel a lack of joy for life? 

What if we reengaged with our hearts? What if there was something more than checking off the boxes and the...