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Wholistic Hearts- A Transformational Christian Life Coaching Journey

Jun 17, 2021

Wholistic Hearts has a special new opportunity to join a group of amazing women on FB Live each week. With this round table of women, we will discuss everything from faith, motherhood, marriages, addictions, intentional living, and so much more. 

Moms in the Middle first ever Round Table was recorded live June 7, 2021...

May 7, 2021

Our Final DAY of Reengage Your Heart Course! YAY! 

Today we talk about the power of movement in our bodies and how it can be utilized to connect back into our hearts.  

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May 1, 2021

Today on Wholistic Hearts, I have my dear friend and coach-Lauren Apple join me today to talk about connecting to our calling in the midst of motherhood.

Lauren is helping other moms live their God size dreams whether that is through her coaching, her leadership in the social media world, or through her podcast-

Apr 18, 2021

As a mother of a high needs kid, I wanted to share this bonus episode with you with my special guest, Janel Springer.

On Wholistic Hearts Podcast, we have been talking a lot about wholehearted healing.  This current season is about pursuing connection with God and pursuing connection with others around us.


Oct 15, 2020

Today on Wholistic Hearts Kristin teaches parents how to help our kids encounter Jesus through everyday life.  Giving a few simple pointers here and there- Kristin encourages you to watch for moments to engage your child's deeply rooted faith and watch for God himself to show up.  

For Encounter Music suggestions or Fun...