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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Jan 27, 2022

The more we know who God is, the more we know ourselves.

 In the book of Matthew, Jesus asks Simon Peter a question we must all answer honestly, "Who do you say I am?"  

(Matthew 16: 15-19)

In this Encounter with Jesus, we can meditate and imagine ourselves standing before Jesus answering this question. And in response,...

Jan 20, 2022

Today's Encounter we deeply dive into two verses in Scripture using our five senses to encounter the majesty of Jesus.

We will break down these two verses into 4-5 words, and we  will sit in the powerful truths of the majesty of the Enthronement of Jesus.  

Here is the verses to sit and meditate on:

 "For this reason...

Jan 17, 2022

Today I wanted to bring you a sneak peak inside the BRAND NEW Wholistic Hearts Membership Community.

You get a sneak peak at one of my exclusive trainings- "How to Set Up Your Journal for 2022."

If you want to align yourself wholeheartedly mind, body, and spirit in 2022, come join me inside the membership...

Jan 13, 2022

Take a moment to pause and give God all your cares and let Him just hold you through this quick encounter.    


To join the Wholistic Hearts Community, go here. You will become part of a Holy Spirit Empowered community where you will find transformative coaching, book club, and accountability. Come check it...

Jan 6, 2022

Experience Jesus as your personal Counselor through this beautiful encounter.  Through our spirit, we can imagine Jesus holding space for us to process all we have on our heart.  

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